The Nucleus of All Life

There is a sustaining energy that is the nucleus of all livingness. It links everything and everyone.

It is infinite in nature - always has been, always will be.

This energy is personalized in our lives by our willingness to recognize it.  To say that good does not exist for us is perhaps one of our greatest fallacies.  It is self-inflicted disconnection. (Think of yelling at the electrical cord pulled out of the socket for not giving you power.)

By gathering evidence of its absence or forming coalitions to debate its demise only makes its apparent absence seem real.  This nucleus of ever expanding Life is emitted in, as, and through us by continually removing known and unknown barriers of belief to Its existence. It is a reawakening to the pure realization that what we have longed for is already here.  

Think of Divine Order as a see saw partner. It is there when you are down and there when you are up. These seeming up and down human experiences are natural...

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