Over promise - Under deliver

Over promise - under deliver.

I’ve heard it used to describe the scene of so many of our trust crimes. I’ve used it myself regarding maintenance workers, organizations, health care professionals and the esteemed spiritual teacher or three.

But this week in meditation, I heard it differently.

Over promise – under listen.

When I reflect back on the series of disappointments I’ve felt after an over promise, I realize that much of these situations could have been experienced differently, even avoided altogether, if I had tuned in and obliged my own innate intuition. I would have never made the agreement to begin with had I heeded the uncomfortableness when beginning the transaction. If I had acknowledged the red flag waving due to the way they spoke, if I had noticed my own repeated patterns of control, avoidance, or convenience surfacing, then I could have allowed the listening to lead me to transcending an aged pattern. I would have honored the signal reminding...

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