Paralysis of Analysis

When one suffers from cold and congestion there is a system we use in order to facilitate the cold to run its course. We rest, drink fluids, alter diet, take a medicinal agent. No one questions such a system and many rely on it to return to wellness.

When one suffers from the congestion of overthinking is there also a system to use?

Overthinking is a universal challenge that causes many to become paralyzed around decision making. We fear making the wrong choice and so we stall taking an action due to over analyzing what could happen if such a flawed choice occurred. Overthinking clouds our judgments, promotes anxiety and prevents us from moving forward by chaining us to heightened negative scenarios. Overthinking has been credited as being the art of creating problems that aren’t even there.

A system for relieving mental congestion caused by overthinking starts with awareness.  To be aware that I am suffering from the paralysis of analysis allows me to redirect my...

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