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David’s understanding and conveyance of universal laws is offered with fresh and compelling evidence that what we desire is already in existence. Having devoted his life to proving the principle, his stories, adventures and insights will have you reconnecting with your own inner champion.

David teaches that our job is not creating something from nothing but becoming aware of the barriers within our minds of their plausibility.

Frequently Requested Topics:

  • Passion and Purpose
  • The 3-D’s; Desire, Devotion and Dialogue
  • Generational Bridge Mentoring
  • The Power of Your Imagination
  • Power of Purpose
  • Diversity and Inclusion



"David was the highlight of our Annual Conference challenging each person - "Do all you can - with what you have - in the time you have - in the place you are." It was so powerful that at the end we all had to just sit with it for a moment. "

Walter Coffey
President & CEO, Leading Age Georgia

"I had the great pleasure of attending one of David's Workshops and found his message very inspirational. He brought tears to my eyes many times and made me think - why not me?""

Workshop Attendee

"I just completed the 40 day Mindfulness course - wow - while the daily messages were simple and easy to digest, the value of incorporating them into my actual life has been immeasurable. Finally some calm in my otherwise chaotic life! "

Jason Foley


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