Opportunity Awaits

Spectacular opportunities await you as a Wisdom Tribe member for transformational learning and travel adventures happening around the globe. 

Whether your interest is:

  • immersion gatherings, weekend workshops, day events and online member-only events
  • traveling with me and exploring some of our world’s most celebrated ancient wonders
  • participating in my global education ‘voluntours’ sponsored by my foundation - Kaleidoscope Child Foundation


I continue to add amazing events, and unforgettable trips.  Check back often!    


Be the First to Know When New Events Become Available

2019 - Upcoming

Feb. 10th, 7 PM
David Ault - Live Event
Spirit and Truth Sanctuary
Satsang and Discussion - Assurance
Suggested Donation $20

Feb. 24th, 11 AM
Guest Speaker
Unity North Atlanta


January 5-6
Mind Launch Seminar with David Ault
Sunday Service Guest Speaker
Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa

January 20-30
Journey of the Heart:
Siem Reap Cambodia with David Ault
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November 11
Featured Speaker
Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta

November 25
Guest Speaker
Unity of Houston

December 16, 23 and 30, 2018
Featured Speaker
Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta


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