About David

For the past two decades, David Ault has been on a quest to uncover the deeper themes we adopt as personal and planetary beliefs. As a teacher, author, humanitarian, theologian and leader in human potentiality, David has tackled the big questions of the human condition and devoted years of research to bringing clarity around why we do what we do. This examination is our pathway to attainable success and tangible joy in our professional as well as personal lives.

David's empowering personal development programs will:

  • Distinguish between facts and truth
  • Shine Light on our hidden themes, assumptions and perceptions
  • Train leadership to see with their mind and not with their eyes
  • Highlight the necessity for accountability and personal practice
  • Explain and explore non-compatible behaviour, dissolving the eye-for-an-eye mindset
  • Train in 3-D Technique: Desire, Dialogue, Devotion
  • Act with vision, values and vulnerability