The Mindfulness Course

Feeling overwhelmed, disconnected? 

Fearful of what the future holds?

Reclaim your peace and purpose now! 

If you find yourself experiencing diffculty in remaining present in today's seeimingly chaotic world, and still searching for meaning, then I ask you join me on a 40 day journey of mindfullness.

The Mindfulness course includes 40 live trainings with me, along with simply daily assignments that will allow you to take the reigns of your days and make them more meaningful. 

I have had the pleasure of assisting thousands of people across the globe on the simple path of mindfulness. They all report the same thing -  it works when you work it.

Go beyond the norm. Stick with the commitment for the entire 40 days and I can guarantee that you will birth something far more expansive within you than when we started. 

This course includes a companion workbook that you can download. I urge you to print this out, use it daily and refer back to often as you continue your journey to reawaken your spritiual magnificence.