Saturday, June 2, 2018

Do you savor each and every experience in life or has life become one worry after another leading to overwhelm, anxiety and feelings of despair?
What if worry is your opportunity to uncover solutions?
Are you ready to reawaken your enthusiasm for living and finally put worry to work for you?


You are invited to take control of your life and examine these questions in The Worry Workshop with Dr. David Ault as he introduces the revolutionary idea of "welcoming worry" and creating new solution-focused patterns of thinking.

You will experience:

  • An Intimate, Deep-Discussion Workshop

  • Individual Coaching Opportunities

  • Energy/Mindfulness Exercises and Take-Home Tools

  • Community Support


You will learn practical methods to:

  • Respond Skillfully to Whatever is Happening Right Now
  • Direct Your Attention to Your Experience as it Unfolds
  • Create an Intentional Reset with Your Current Relationship with Worry
  • Welcome, (not run or hide), From Worry with Open-Minded Curiosity and Acceptance


Give yourself this gift with celebrated spiritual teacher and author Dr. David Ault. 

It takes a pure investment in self-care to stop and reassess what feels good about your current life situation and what doesn't. 

Make the deliberate and loving decision to take control of worry and put it to work for you. 

David offers a supportive teaching style that will guide you to journey into a deeper relationship with your mind, body and spirit. What follows is a heightened capability of finding solution and comfort and reawakening your zest for life.  


Important Details

$99.00 Registration Fee Includes all workshop materials, and a delicious, healthy lunch

Workshop will be held at:  City of Light,  3125 Presidential Parkway Atlanta, GA 30340   

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Don't miss your opportunity to take control of your life and reawaken your enthusiasm for living and finally put worry to rest!









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